Edelle McMahon – Dear Ruby

We were privileged to have Edelle McMahon play at The Lagan Sessions on the 4th November.

Using the fantastic recording made by Matt, we decided to share a montage of her singing “Dear Ruby”

Photographs – 25th November

Last nights Lagan Sessions once again produced artists with passion about their music. This is a small selection of the photographs taken on the night.

Artists include trebornoremac, Brendan Monaghan, Emily-Rose Conlon and Davy “Ludwig” O’Neill.

Lagan Sessions – 25th November

The Lagan Sessions on 25 November once again showed the range and depth of talent of the singer songwriters who come to play and the variety of styles. We had two newcomers and two old hands (in all senses of the words).

Trebor Noremac returned to public performance after a long break with a set of well crafted and performed songs and Emily Rose Conlon on her first appearance maintained the standard with a selection of her work, sweetly sung.
Brendan Monaghan and David “Ludwig” O’Neill each returned for the third time with a combination of older and yet to be released songs to finish another enjoyable evening

Thanks to Brendan Monaghan, Emily-Rose Conlon, Davy “Ludwig” O’Neill and Robert Cameron (aka ‘trebornoremac’) who showed off their talents last night. Wonderful stuff. And to the punters, regular and new, whose attendance helps to sustain a growing vitality in the local acoustic music scene.

See you all next week.

A Year in Retrospect

I remember a little over a year ago when David invited me to a new acoustic session he was hosting with a friend of his. To be honest, I’ve never been musical, or very “into” music, but it seemed like it might be fun and besides he said I could bring my camera.

Over the last year I’ve been amazed at the talent and ability of the folks who come along to play. Every single week there has been someone who just blows me away with their original songs.

Every single act has been passionate about their music, and that makes taking their photographs an absolute pleasure.

David and Steve can probably tell you how many acts played in the first year of the sessions, but looking back over the year I can tell you I’ve taken several thousand photographs and whilst I’ve already published many of my favourites on Flickr and Facebook, I thought I’d select just a few to share again on the website.

When I first went to The Lagan Sessions, I was very much a photographer who spotted an opportunity to take photographs of musicians. Now, I’m a fan of music who’s in the privileged position to get to take photographs while listening to great music.

Photographs – Sunday 18th November

In a break from the norm, Sunday nights Lagan Sessions saw a host of favourite acts perform some of their favourite covers.

Performances included David McCann, Steve Amos, Matt McIvor, Lazy Flies, Stephen Dunwoody, Bruce Joseph and Edelle McMahon

Welcome to the new website

As you can see we’re in the process of giving The Lagan Sessions a new home. Please bear with us for the next few days while we put information in place!